Real Estate Proforma Software

Need a Real Estate Proforma?

Simplify the creation of your real estate proforma with our affordable and user-friendly software. Access your analysis from anywhere and collaborate with your team from any location, thanks to our 100% web-based solution.

Simple Interface

Enjoy a simple and intuitive user interface that makes creating a real estate proforma a breeze. Plus, enjoy free support any time you have some questions.

100% Online

Create a real estate proforma from anywhere with an internet connection. No need for downloads – access our software directly online.


Say goodbye to expensive software like Argus Enterprise and say hello to an affordable and user-friendly alternative that won’t drain your budget.

Real Estate Proforma Software

Looking for a cost-effective solution to create a complex real estate proforma? Our real estate proforma software offers an intuitive user interface and 100% online functionality, making it an ideal alternative to costly options like Argus. Analyze multiple leases, recovery structures, market leasing assumptions, expenses, and more with ease.

Recovery Structures

Customize tenant reimbursements with ease using our real estate proforma software. Our software offers support for gross leases, net leases, expense stop, and base stop reimbursements. You can create custom recovery structures by picking individual expenses, and even further refine your reimbursements with our support for expense groups.

Development Costs

Simplify the modeling of development costs for ground-up construction or value add projects with our real estate proforma software. Our software includes built-in support for hard costs, soft costs, and land costs. Quickly set start dates and custom timing for expenses and choose from straight line or bell curve timing options.

Market Leasing Profiles

Model tenant rollovers with ease using our real estate investment software. Tenants are assigned a default market leasing profile, making it simple to update rollover assumptions. Add customization with custom market leasing profiles for individual tenants or groups. Easily explore different scenarios using renewal probabilities and market assumptions.

Rent Roll Upload

Easily import large rent rolls using our pre-formatted Excel template. Copy/paste key tenant information, upload the template, and let our system handle the rest. Importing data, including exports from other software like Argus, is now effortless.