Need to Make an Offering Memorandum for Real Estate?

Creating an offering memorandum for real estate is a complicated and time-consuming process.

You not only have to understand design principles so everything looks good, but then you also have to become an expert in complicated design software such as Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Even then, consider just a handful of the steps you’ll still need to go through to create a presentation-quality real estate offering memorandum:

  • Design a professional layout from scratch that includes real estate specific information, and that also matches your overall company branding.
  • Combine different types of content from multiple sources, seamlessly into a single document. For a real estate offering memorandum, this could include a proforma, rent roll, photos, site plans and floor plans, sales and lease comps, market data, investor return projections, financial ratios, and more.
  •  Fix all of the formatting problems that occur when some of the data changes and you have to update your document. This happens frequently real estate offering memorandums when something changes such as market data or financial projections.
  • Repeat this process all over again for new document types that don’t easily fit into your existing layouts.

It’s no wonder that creating presentation-quality offering memorandums for real estate is an exhausting process.

That’s why we created PropertyMetrics Publisher.

PropertyMetrics Publisher makes it easy to create an offering memorandum for real estate. With PropertyMetrics Publisher you can:

  • Include all of your PropertyMetrics Proforma reports instantly with one-click.
  • Easily upload custom Excel data and have it automatically formatted.
  • Quickly add property photos and have them automatically formatted.
  • Include a custom disclaimer page in your document.
  • Add team biographies and have a beautifully formatted team section.
  • Use built-in professionally designed templates.
  • And much more…