Global Cash Flow Analysis Template

Do you need a global cash flow analysis template for a bank loan or to get a handle on your own global cash flow?  The PropertyMetrics team has created a free and helpful package for commercial real estate professionals who need to complete a global cash flow analysis:


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The above global cash flow analysis template is an excel spreadsheet form that includes sections for the following:

  • Net Income from Statement
  • Depreciation
  • Interest Expense
  • Rent Expense
  • Other
  • Cash Available for Debt Service
  • Current Maturities of Long Term Debt
  • Other Mortgage payments
  • Proposed P & I Payment
  • Debt Service Requirements
  • Surplus Cash Flow
  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Personal Cash Flow of Guarantor
  • Sources of Cash
  • Salary
  • Bonuses/Commission
  • Schedule C-Business Income (loss)
  • Interest/Dividends
  • Schedule E – Rents, Partnership, S Corp
  • Adjustment for Depreciation
  • Capital Gains
  • Retirement Proceeds
  • Other Income
  • Gross Personal Sources of Cash
  • Income Taxes
  • Net Personal Cash Flow Available for DS
  • Uses of Cash
  • Residential Mortgage Payment(s)
  • Other Real Estate Mortgages
  • Other Consumer Debt Payment
  • Other (e.g. alimony, child support)
  • Total Personal Uses
  • Surplus Personal Cash Flow
  • Personal Debt Service Coverage Ratio
  • Total Sources of Cash Available for DS
  • Total Uses
  • Global Debt Service Ratio
  • And more…

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